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Welfycat - Horizontal Line

Author: Welfycat
Fandoms: Stargate: Atlantis, Smallville, Firefly
Card: Welfycat's Card

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Mod post: Mundane Events have been consipiring against me.

People waiting for tables or question answers, my apologies for the delay!

The following is the list of events that have prevented me from having an uninterrupted block of time on my computer (as opposed to my phone) for dealing with the backlog

* Family wedding (out of town)
* Work: vacation coverage
* Adjusting to new medications
* Too many doctor's appointments!
* Work: ramping up for product launch
* Child starting kindergarten

The following is the mea culpa list of events WITHIN my control

* Backup-mods (failure to have one). *cough*

Anyhow. Mea maximua culpa and all. Damn near back in the saddle, as it were, and shall be assigning new tables (with any luck) this evening.

Oh, and coming up with something AWESOME for people who've completed bingos. I see we've had a blackout! Whoa!

Bruttimabuoni - Horizontal Line

Author Brutti ma buoni
Fandoms BtVS, Angel
Card Bingo card here

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Merfilly: Blackout

Author: [personal profile] sharpest_asp
Fandoms: M*A*S*H, Dc Comics, X-Files, Transformers, Addams Family/Munsters, Doctor Who, Marvel Comics, The Pretender, Incarnations of Immortality, Dune, TMNT, Three's a Crowd, Elfquest, Star Wars, G. I. Joe, Blade Runner, Kushiel's Legacy, Golden Girls, Earth's Children, Star Trek TNG, Knight Rider, Rizzoli and Isles, Sword-Dancer Saga, Dragonriders of Pern, RyanVerse
Card: http://merfilly.dreamwidth.org/310601.html

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Mod note: unexpected time shortages this week

Which, as I'm sure some of you have noticed, has caused a backlog buildup of requests.

Backlog build up should get unbacklogged at some point tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience, and apologies for the delay.

Mod note: everyone signed up at this moment *should* have a card

Please let me know if you do not (just point me to the original request in the prompt thread).

A couple additional quick notes: one, if you get a prompt and need clarification, go ahead and PM me and I'll investigate for you; two, treat the prompts as guidelines, not rules carved in stone. For some fandoms (Merlin, I am looking at you), there may be some interpretation required. Interpretation is encouraged! Oh, and three: although fanfiction is encouraged and the main focus of this, yes, we do allow for original fiction as well. (Why not? There can never be enough mundane focus!)

Thank you all for your patience!

Almost ready for cards! Master prompt list before the cut!

I just have to whip this into a CSV and generate the cards now. There may still be some duplicates, and some were reworded to expand them.

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Official Mundane Bingo Sign Up Post!

Comment for a card.

If you'd prefer a card that does not skew towards an American or European perspective of mundane, please make a note in your sign up post. Thanks to the community, we have many prompts that represent many flavors of mundane.

Mod Edit: 12/23/2010

All cards should now be assigned out. Card assignments are now on hold for this round, and thanks everyone.

(Card assignments will probably re-open at some point in the new year. The last quarter of 2010 was sort of Murphy's Law in action for your mod.)

Mod note: due to a household time-consuming emergency, I'll be late getting cards out

(Ah, vacations. Come back and something stinky always hits the fan! Or your preschooler gets head lice. Which, you know. Same thing.)

Anyhow, feel free to sign up in the next post, but be warned it may take me a day or so to get the cards out.

Mod note: initial rules post

Mundane Events Bingo: the rules of the game! Complete list of mundane prizes, scoring system, and posting guidelines to follow once the prompts have all been gathered and sign ups are open.

1. On the 5x5 grid of prompts from our master list, your mission is to make a bingo through a line, blackout, X, or +.

2. Squares are marked off by filling that square's prompt. Each square requires its own piece of new fanwork to count as a fill.

3. Fanwork formats accepted are fic (minimum 250 words), art, vids (30 second minimum), and meta (minimum 500 words).

4. When you finish your initial bingo, new cards may be requested or extras completed on the existing card. Extras do not count towards a bingo.

5. At least one bingo must be completed on your card before requesting a new one. (However, if on assignment, you find your prompts problematic for any reason, please PM the mods and a new card will be created for you.)

6. New content only, please. No reuse of previously posted material.

7. Squares may be reused to create new bingos or extras, but each reuse requires its own new fanwork.

8. Prompts are open to interpretation. Treat them as guidelines if necessary. The spirit of the prompt, not the letter of the prompt is what matters.

9. Sign ups begin on 5 July, 2010, and this initial challenge is open until 2 January 2011.

Mod note revisted: you're awesome, and prompt deadline set

I'm giddy with the prompt variety and numbers I'm seeing! Giddy!

Because it goes well with my schedule, Mundane Bingo will be taking prompts until the end of the month, and the complete prompt list will be posted on the first of July. (Don't worry about duplicates, as I'll be going through the list to merge those.)

Official challenge rules coming tomorrow.

Mod note, as one of the prompters had a great idea

We here at Mundane Bingo actively encourage non-US, non-Christian-centric mundane event prompts. If you've already left your prompts in the text boxes, and this gives you the lightbulb moment for more, go ahead and put them in the comments of the previous post.

Additionally, when we (by which I mean me) actually get around to cards, there will be an option to request cards with less of a US and/or Christian-centric influence, because while mundane is a universal state, the details vary, and I'd like to see as many of those represented as we can get.

Mundane Bingo Prompt Poll!

Poll #3524 Mundane Events
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 88

Suggest a mundane event here

Suggest another mundane event here

Suggest yet another mundane event here

And another!

And just one more...

Anything too long for the text boxes can go in comments.

Welcome to Mundane Bingo. The first rule of Mundane Bingo is...

Talk about Mundane Bingo!

Mundane Bingo is, like Kink Bingo, H/C Bingo, and Schmoop Bingo, a fannish bingo fest devoted to the mundane and trivial events our fannish characters go through. Rules, regulations, and time period are still TBD. As are the cards. But come one, come all! Celebrate the ordinary moments of their lives!