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Mundane Events Bingo: the rules of the game! Complete list of mundane prizes, scoring system, and posting guidelines to follow once the prompts have all been gathered and sign ups are open.

1. On the 5x5 grid of prompts from our master list, your mission is to make a bingo through a line, blackout, X, or +.

2. Squares are marked off by filling that square's prompt. Each square requires its own piece of new fanwork to count as a fill.

3. Fanwork formats accepted are fic (minimum 250 words), art, vids (30 second minimum), and meta (minimum 500 words).

4. When you finish your initial bingo, new cards may be requested or extras completed on the existing card. Extras do not count towards a bingo.

5. At least one bingo must be completed on your card before requesting a new one. (However, if on assignment, you find your prompts problematic for any reason, please PM the mods and a new card will be created for you.)

6. New content only, please. No reuse of previously posted material.

7. Squares may be reused to create new bingos or extras, but each reuse requires its own new fanwork.

8. Prompts are open to interpretation. Treat them as guidelines if necessary. The spirit of the prompt, not the letter of the prompt is what matters.

9. Sign ups begin on 5 July, 2010, and this initial challenge is open until 2 January 2011.
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Mundane Events Bingo

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