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I just have to whip this into a CSV and generate the cards now. There may still be some duplicates, and some were reworded to expand them.

Lost car keys
Waiting for furniture delivery
Grocery shopping
Finding a bug indoors and putting it back outside
accidentally sipping expired milk
Dropping the toothpaste cap
changing the fire alarm battery
Waiting in line at a coffee shop.
breaking in new shoes
Going to the comic store
Can't sleep for no particular reason
Searching for enough loose change to buy a soda/latte/etc.
can't identify own shoes from the pile outside friend's front door
Making lists
discover there is not enough x in the pantry to make y.
Wanting to hit on someone but not knowing if they swing that way
going to walmart/target/large superstore of your choice
Toothache/Wisdom Tooth Removal
Going to the bank
running out of toilet paper when the shops have just closed
shopping for food
cleaning a pet's cage/box/enclosure
killing the big scary bug that is in the bathroom when you're trying to take a shower
washing the dishes
car accident
first day of school
Cat won't come in at bedtime.
at the park
setting up internet/cable/utilities at new house
overdue library books
Out of clean underwear.
learning to touch-type
Moisturising in winter so your skin doesn't crack.
Waiting in line at the DMV/passport agency/other routine government issuer of things needed for hours.
stuck in traffic
Getting the mail
cat has brought you a dead animal
marathoning television shows on dvd
taking out the rubbish
returning a library book
Gassing up the car/refueling the spaceship/etc.
clothing goes through the wash with tissue in pocket.
nothing on TV
finals week
meal preparation
making tea
making soup
Torn pants
mowing the lawn
making tamales (of which there are always too many)
cleaning the kitchen
Washing the dog/cat/rabbit/tarantula/tribble
Toilet overflowing
the moments before guests arrive for a holiday or meal
Public transport is late/filthy/full of scary people
signing a cast
Getting through an airport/spaceport/etc to your connecting flight
waiting for public transportation
Start of a new season (summer/spring/harmattan/etc)
Having to get up earlier than usual
playing a videogame together
Bribing someone successfully
plumbing malfunction
putting off laundry so long all you have left is old/ill-fitting/fancy
waiting for the train/bus to arrive
House cleaning
dealing with tangled hair
clearing a paper jam in the printer
spring or end-of-the-year cleaning.
cleaning out the gutters
cleaning the toilet bowl
late to work
clothes sharing/borrowing
Ordering 500kg instead of 500g of onions online/or other similar mishap
Looking for jeans that fit.
Taking the pet to the vet
Seeing a Movie
Looking for someplace to make a U-turn
petting a neighborhood cat while it hangs out on the sidewalk
Gas tank or equivalent on empty
running out of kitty litter
Walking the dog
Rearranging bookshelves.
running out of [floss/toothpaste/deoderant/etc] unexpectedly
Catching the bus
Public transportation is running late
Traffic woes due to construction or congestion
directing a taxi to a friend's place you've never been to before
difficulty getting a package delivered
Putting up flat-pack furniture
stand in line at the post office.
Suddenly noticing that something you thought was clean is dirty
taking a walk
having a cold
looking at a pile of sorting out and not wanting to do it
going to school
programming the dvr
finding a mechanic to fix the piece of crap car/spaceship/boat you bought
checking email on the pc
cleaning the bathroom
paper work snafus
Washing Clothes
What IS that growing in the fridge?
cleaning the bathroom
trying to decide where to eat dinner with a group
deciding whether or not you really need to change the lightbulb
Whatever air-temperature-management system one uses is Not Working.
trying to get to sleep because you know you've got to get up early
Plucking and/or gutting chickens.
Sitting on hold for a customer service representative.
practicing playing piano (or other instrument)
Walking the dog
locked out of house/car/spaceship
recycling the newspaper
Have to stop and take a stone out of one's shoe
wrong item received from online order
new pet sudden onset
buying food at the wet market
cleaning the bathroom
baking chocolate chip cookies
Shearing season
waiting for the bus in the rain with no umbrella
Buying a new car
Out of staple food/staple supply
making a morning drink
There's nothing watchable on telly.
road trip
on the subway
The meeting that just won't end
drinking a hot beverage on a cold day
Learning to drive a motor vehicle
Already started cooking and an ingredient is missing
Buying new clothes (underwear)/and or shoes
Dealing with a bug infestation
food prep malfunction
seeing an acquaintence out and about and hiding so you don't have to make small talk
mending a hole in your pants/sock/shirt
Getting up early to watch the sun rise
going to the corner shop for milk even through you haven't washed your hair and haven't put on proper clothes
peeing outside.
raking leaves/most of which came from neighbor's trees
walking the dogs
tripped on the curb
first day wearing new perfume
Dryer has eaten a sock.
Beer run
choosing the right wine/cheese combo at the supermarket
ATM card/credit stick eaten by machine/stops working
filling out a Census form
Reading the newspaper
Trying to find where they set down/hid the To-Do list.
walking the dog/cleaning cat litter/pet-specific activity
Making custard
Overdue library books
Running out of coffee filters
tripped over a hole in a the pavement
separating whites and colours -or not
Boxing up stuff to move house
get pulled over for expired registration tags
Down to your last/least favorite item of clothing (laundry day)
cleaning the house
Going to the Bank
Getting difficult stains out of furniture
noticing that something labelled 'flesh' is so far from your skin colour it's like the designer didn't know you exist
eating a meal
returning library books
trying to figure out what to make for dinner when you don't feel like going to the grocery store
cleaning the toilet
filling out tax returns
burglary (foiled or successful)
Going to a local sports bar
All windows left open during big downpour.
watching TV
paying bills
painting the walls of a room
hanging pictures/artwork on the wall
cleaning out the junk drawer
Snails ate the front page of the newspaper.
dealing with northern hemisphere folks who insist you can't possibly be having winter in June
Turning off one appliance so you can run another without tripping a breaker.
Bouncing a crying baby.
forgetting items on the grocery list
Picnic in the park
song stuck in your head and you can't get it out
late night runs to the grocery store or 24 hour diner
burnt dinner/can't get fire alarm to stop
cposting to dw
Watching a DVD
Airport insists you use their wheelchair/which is a piece of crap.
bidding on eBay
kitchen or cooking disasters
paying bills
buying seafood at the wharf
hanging pictures
lost glasses
celebrating the seasonal holiday of choice
lambing season
House repairs
Forgot to renew TV licence (somewhat UK specific)
painting a room
brushing your hair
drinking a cold beverage on a hot day
Learning to cook something new
Headache that won't go away
reading a book
Going to the doctors/dentist
Going to market and getting a great deal
transportation malfunction
discovering it's [significant day] when the neighborhood erupts in cheers
winding the clocks
sleeping late
buying a fan because the weather suddenly became too hot
playing musical instruments together.
picking up trash
organizing bookshelves or movie or music collections
singing in the shower
star gazing
lost favourite piece of jewellery
Foot falling asleep.
Going through airport security
Having a spare key made
using a lint roller to get pet fur off your clothes
Have to change shirt after dribbling toothpaste on it in the morning
making coffee
Cleaning the toilet
Where's my bus pass?!
bug trauma (there's a spider! on my pillow! omg/help!)
Leaky ceiling
Dealing with a new pet
Catching up on yardwork/gardening
accidentally dropped mobile phone through gutter grating
Getting caught in the rain with no coat/hood/umbrella
Flummoxed by new appliance
mad/wild watchings of Jeopardy!!
Making Coffee
Cleaning out your inbox
the internet going down for a few minutes
going for a walk
ironing (do people still iron these days?)
losing your cell. phone
brushing teeth
buying [fuel] for the [vehicle] (car/spaceship/oxcart/etc.)
card games
grandparent dies
making something (kniting/woodwork/crafting/etc)
Walking the labyrinth
Actually putting the clean laundry AWAY.
changing diapers
assembling furniture from ikea
looking for a new action figure
Previous user of shower used all the hot water.
waiting at home for the delivery of a package
Feeding the woodstove.
Catching a cold.
grooming the horse
Dinner and a movie
running out of hangers/closet space
trying to read and refold a map
the power goes out (can't find candles)
boiling corn
Eating at Applebee's
city has a boil water warning.
lost dry cleaning ticket
impromptu sports game
putting up the mosquito netting
knitting something
new haircut
a birthday party
County Fair/field days
feeding pets
Attending a sporting event
Homework/Taking work home
cleaning something
Buying a new computer
first day of school
trip to the farmer's market
walking in the park
Reading in the shade
Allergies acting up
Ordering food over the phone
oil change/tune up on the car
Gossipy phone call with an old/new friend
food storage malfunction
pet staring at you and making mysterious plaintive noises
picking out books at the library
Preparing food
suffering through a cold
toddler who won't go down for a nap today even though you really need to clean the house/do some work/etc
sending holiday cards.
missing a payment on a bill
blowing dandelion fluff off the stem
rough housing
napping in the middle of the day
Trying to decide to take an umbrella or not.
Paying Bills
Looking for a postage stamp
starting a video rental store membership
clipping toenails
Buying toilet paper
Window-shopping on Etsy.
Choosing a movie rental
Neighbors having loud sex
Catching up on a backlog of administrivia at work
buying food at 3am on the way home
writing thank-you notes
Ordering take-away because you haven't been grocery shopping yet
Too tired to eat/too hungry to sleep
pruning the shrubbery. I mean the literal/outside green planty shrubbery.
Doing bills/filing taxes
Parallel parking
checking your lj/dw/twitter/facebook/greader/etc. several times in ten minutes because you're just that bored
assembling the shit you bought from IKEA
dealing with a complete stranger who decides to make conversation with you (in line or at a restaurant/etc.)
painting toenails.
someone goes into rehab
baking bread
Building Something
Front porch lightbulb burns out.
Saturday morning
shaving legs
scooping out the litter box
trying to find candles when the electricity goes out
the cat is the alarm clock and doesn't understand weekends
Attending a dinner party at which every single food item is/contains something from the very short list of foods one totally dislikes.
a power cut
Skipping the squeaky stair/or the one that has a protruding nail.
Spending 15 minutes looking for your keys.
buying carrots in bulk
can't find the matching shoe.
walking the dog (and picking up poop)
painting the house
looking for a pencil to do the crossword puzzle
Microwaving leftovers
wind is coming from the dump/and everything smells like burning trash.
stuck at the central travel location [airport/bus stop/train station/etc]
eating coconut
lazing around
Celebrating a harvest festival (Lughnasadh/Pongal/Chuseok/Crop over/etc)
calling tech support
local club/pub rugby/football
bedtime routine
Common Cold
chopping (anything)
hitting the snooze button over and over
shaking raindrops off pine needles
Buying fruit at a market
Taking off makeup or nail polish
going to a concert
Technology going on the fritz while you are using it
frequently-used-equipment malfunction
being trapped for hours by a cat/dog/tribble falling asleep on your lap
doing the crossword
Playing/working with animals
laughing so hard your stomach starts hurting
trying to cross a busy road
eating junk food for breakfast.
waiting on someone else trying to choose the beer
running out of an ingredient while making dinner
opened a window
preparing a meal
being the last person to get off the bus/train/other public transport
asking for/being asked for a loan
doing/helping with homework
making something for a bakesale
having/visiting a garage sale
missed phone call
wrong bus/bus stop
unexpected period
hoping that school is cancelled
getting to school to find that class is cancelled (and you have a four hour block with NOTHING TO DO)
returning a defective item to the store
Picking ants out of the sugar bowl.
Deciding it I want a cold solar shower now or a hot one in the afternoon.
Trying to remember how to say "good evening" in another language.
Putting cream on nettle stings.
Reading by flashlight.
Tracking wolves.
Seeing if the sea is too high to land a boat.
Making a grocery order for the month.
Checking the rain gauge.
Remembering to turn on the radios in the morning.
Letting the rice boil over
Putting fresh mothballs in the kimono storage box. Will edit when I can remember what that product is called.
Detangling long hair to put up.
Getting the origami paper wrinkled/folded wrong and/or giving up somehwere around crane 748 out of 1000.
Eating plate lunch: meat/macaroni salad/and two scoops rice. Plus poi probably.
Raking the coals/rekindling the fire
Boiling the water in the kettle.
Braiding garlic
Pushing the car out of the mud slick ruts of the dirt roads
Making frybread
-Salamanders falling from the ceiling onto your head
-Mosquito netting or lack there of
-Ants deciding they really want to move their nest into your kitchen
-Cold showers from a pipe over your head
-Picking through avocados/fruit on the ground to find lunch
-Bike repairs
-Bats in the house
-Sitting around waiting for the rain to stop being so loud on the tin roof so you can hold a conversation again
-opening things (cans/green coconuts/etc) with a machete
-killing snakes/large spiders with a machete
-cutting grass/weeding with a machete
sitting an exam
your cat loves you so much it brings you a nice fresh mousey at breakfast time aren't you delighted?
high school reunion's coming up and you don't wanna go
you're hungry but you don't seem to want anything specific
they stop making your favourite soft drink/chips/snack item/ice cream/bra/whatever
going to the doctor's to have something swabbed/scraped/prodded/etc. not because there's anything wrong with it but because that's what's done for people of your age/sexual history/sex
-being stood up
-people trying to help you when you don't need help
-getting caught up in conversation with a lonely person who just doesn't want to let the conversation end because then you'll go so you feel guilty if you call a halt and pissed off if you don't
-finding the perfect outfit but the store doesn't have your size or that only looks good on a particular body type which yours isn't
-significant other has unpleasant personal habit or odour
-going to the funeral of someone you barely knew out of a sense of obligation
-having mediocre sex with the significant other
-having a hangover that isn't cute or funny in any way
someone announces it makes sense to take one car and then assumes he'll be driving because he's a he and you're not
dealing with co-workers who can't seem to do their jobs without you holding their hands
trying to explain something of no great importance to someone who just doesn't get it
fighting over the remote control
someone's borrowed your car/spaceship/boat and it comes back in less than ideal condition/shape/cleanliness
correcting tourists' misperceptions of your nation/city/people
trying to learn a foreign language and feeling stupid because you never seem to get any better
stupid smoke detector goes off when there's no fire so you unplug it and then you feel guilty because OMG what if there WAS a fire??
cute fluffy dog cannot distinguish between the patio and the lawn for defecation purposes
cat thinks midnight is a perfectly okay time to come in the window soaking wet and climb under the duvet with you
you're obliged to partake of a friend of a friend's backyard marijuana crop. It kinda sucks
did that speed camera just flash? was I speeding? will I get a ticket?
it's 6:05 and you're watching the news. the phone rings. it's bound to be a telemarketer. and it's bound to keep ringing until you answer the damn thing--or at least get within reach of it
dealing with religious door-knockers
tradesman doesn't turn up on time even though you've taken the day off work so you can be there to let him in
you're in the hospital emergency department for something that isn't actually life-threatening. Some kid you went to school with is a doctor. And remembers you.
brand new shiny gizmo for which you saved up is DOA
your mail is soaking wet
neighbours are having a loud party.
kid next door claims to be learning a musical instrument. it's painful to hear him/her practice
playing video-games with your friends
going to the gym/for a run/for a ride and not being hit on by gorgeous people or even seeing gorgeous people
bargain shopping
trying to convince a child to eat what s/he doesn't want to eat
two friends break up/get divorced and it's awkward because they're both your friends
perfectly normal straightforward pregnancy in the family
new house. new washing machine. same old sock monster
spraining an ankle or breaking a bone while doing something innocuous like walking to the shops. or ironing.
finding something you really want in an online store but they don't ship internationally or else they reject your one and only credit card for no reason and seem to think that you should just use another one (because everyone has multiple credit cards right?)
the only decent stuff on TV is in a language you don't understand without subtitles. Or with subtitles. beautiful crisp clear subtitles in another language you don't understand.
-burning incense (joss sticks)
-brownouts (power outages)
-minor flooding when it rains
-dealing with cockroaches/ants/mice and rats in the house
-cooking rice
-buying 50lbs of rice at a time
-putting up blackout curtains
-IM conversations with people in the same house
-eating with your fingers
-using chopsticks
-trying exotic foods like apples and white bread
-conversing in more than one language at the same time
-dim sum
-playing with the dog
-giving the very smelly dog a bath
-looking for eyeglasses
-dealing with privilege
-singing along to the radio
-sleeping in
-playing in the rain
-driving on the wrong (or "wrong") side of the road/not paying attention to the rules of traffic
-going to Costco
-browsing through books
-wanting to read something but not finding anything satisfactory
-playing sungka
-playing mahjong
-cheating at card games
-planning family vacations
-going to the night market
-buying stuff from street vendors
-riding in a jeepney or tricycle or kalesa
-mangoes for breakfast
-birthday noodles
-wearing red on special occasions
-not wearing shoes in the house
-going through security to enter a mall
-receiving/giving red packets
-parents/adults speaking in another language so the kids don't know what they're talking about
-responding to internet memes
-making playlists
-translating for your grandparent who doesn't speak English (but does speak 3 or 4 other languages)
-bridging small cultural/generational gaps
-long distance phone calls
-weekly family gatherings
-filming/watching home videos
-taking pictures
-being mistaken for someone else
-answering the phone
Mucking stalls
Dealing with a horse who does not want to be brought in from pasture
The roof develops a leak
Doing homework
Dealing with clueless tourists
Sorting the recyclables
Watching a thunderstorm rolling in
Completely socked in by snow
Tornado sirens go off at the worst possible time
Wind keeps messing up hijab
Sub-consciously hear azan at 4am in the morning while sleeping
Neighbours are killing a pig at 2am
Neighbours having loud wedding festival through to 6am
Can't sleep because street dogs are mating
Nearly have head-on collision with someone coming around a blind corner at speed
Open cupboard to find giant rat inside
Weevils in the rice
Breaking fast with a Big Mac
Swerving constantly to avoid potholes
Walking along a 'footpath' that consists of uneven broken concrete slabs over open sewer
Caught in tropical downpour while riding motorbike
Took a motorbike taxi and realise you don't have exact change and taxi guy can't break Rp20,000 (USD2)
Parking guy who holds up traffic so you can back out of parking space
Bail/bribe friend out of jail
Traffic police stop you for an 'infringement'
Roadblocks (with guys asking for money)
Being able to wipe black shit off your face after walking more than 50m outside
Looking for street address but house numbers are completely arbitrary
Ran out of drinking water at home and too lazy to buy more so have to boil some
Realised you forgot to bring toilet paper
Motorbike breaks down on side of road but there's always someone nearby who can fix it
Being groped on the bus/while walking
Walk around a baby someone left on the pedestrian overpass with a begging cup beside it
looking for a road/street that does not seem to exist.
another car on the road nearly causes an accident of some sort while you are driving
while in traffic trying to buy something and having problems because cars are just starting to move faster
Writing Fanfic.
picking out a book at the library
paying library fines
arguing over toothpaste brands
arguing over toilet paper brands
going to pick up more clothes detergent but the store is out of your preferred kind
trying to buy a gift for a parent's birthday
talking on the phone to a sibling
going to visit a friend at a hospital (for a non life threatening reason)
deciding which kind of tea to have in the morning
folding towels
variation in definition of "sketchy area"
dealing with roommates offended by or uncomfortable with the smell/content of your food
student field trip to site of national tragedy
livestock escape enclosure panic ensues
animal slated for celebratory dinner escapes enclosure panic ensues
hosting international guests (family/friends)
hosting international guests (friends-of-family/friends)
hosting international guests (exchange program)
"who can eat the hottest pepper" test of fortitude
the customer is always rude: dealing with tourists
local grocery store starts carrying beloved treat
public snarking in language other than english
dropped mobile phone in liquid
writing implement dies when needed most
technological failure: sand
technological failure: water
birth: unassisted
birth: midwife-assisted
birth: hospital physician-assisted
birth: with complications
identical twins: messing with people via resemblance to twin
food disasters: kicked off the bus because of contraband durian
food disasters: ran out of real curry leaves
birds poop on clean drying laundry
pause in [activity] to observe prayer
everything in the garden gets ripe at once
transition from homeschool to classroom
receipt of citizenship ceremony
meeting Friends From The Internet
travel disaster: same name as person on no fly list
travel disaster: lost ID
travel disaster: transportation leaves without you
travel disaster: lost baggage
national holiday: independence
national holiday: religious
national election: non-dangerous circumstances
national election: dangerous circumstances
"It's on the tip of my tongue..."
Running out of gas
Health check up
Pop quiz
Broke a dish
Argument with a sibling
Argument with a parent
Argument with an authority figure (cop/teacher/etc.)
Physical/doctor's appointment
Shoveling the driveway
Getting snow tires
Snow blindness
Trapped between an oncoming car on one side and a sheet of ice on the other.
Snow removal trucks blocking your path.
Snow plow depositing a ton of snow in front of your driveway just after you finish shoveling.
Chapped lips
Writing a letter to the editor
Being offended by something on TV/newspaper/magazine/book/etc.
Underwire comes through your bra and jabs you for the rest of the day.
Bra straps are too loose and require continuous adjustment for the rest of the day.
People assume you can't be from the area because of how you sound or look.
Feeling uneasy or awkward expressing yourself in a second language.
Cringing when someone mispronounces a word from your language/a language you're familiar with
Someone making a remark about your "cute" accent.
Forgetting your PIN number
Forgetting how to sign your name mid-way through.
Being forced to play the "guess how old I am" game.
Being put on the spot about your romantic/sex life.
Your entire [geographic location] sprouting flags when your [sport] team is in the playoffs.
Rioting when your [sport] team loses. Or wins.
Someone makes an overly personal remark about your physical appearance.
Making tortillas
Walking to the ice cream shop with a friend
Going to get your hair done
Picking fruit off the tree
Squeezing oranges to make orange juice
Sleeping on the train
(Another) full day traveling by boat
Setting the car battery/solar panel out to be recharged by day
Chewing ash and coca
Forgetting your toilet paper
Climbing the pomelo/other tree for fresh fruit
Taking the fourth cold shower of the day to cool off
Heavy downpour/flash flood
Bot flies (not as bad as everyone thinks)
Receiving a fifth yellow fever shot because you forgot to carry your yellow card
Watching the cows/livestock play
Picking dirt from the donkeys'/equines' hooves
Feeding the goats/sheep/llamas/small livestock
Feeding the chickens/fowl
Splitting/stacking firewood
Sitting by the river/pond/lake/bay
Repairing a fence
Herding escaped cows/livestock back to pasture
Listening to bullfrogs at night
Hearing the coyotes howl
Power outage
(Repairing a) leaking pipe
Trying to find your way around campus in time for your first class and getting completely lost.
Realizing you brought your psych books to English Lit.
Having to find enough quarters to do laundry.
Trying to find a place to study when your roommate kicks you out so they can have sex in the room.

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Hee. This is an awesome list. The mothballs thing was just camphor, I guess.


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